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Gothic Novel

Henrietta Marsh has felt a shadow following her for most of her life. That same darkness led to the death of her parents. When she is incarcerated in a mental hospital, she charts the events that led her there. Meanwhile, her only friend and the man she loves fight to save her. But can Hetty be trusted? Or is she guilty of unspeakable crimes?

Regency Romances

Loving Protector

En route to London for the Season, Calista Haywood and her family are saved from a highwayman by the dashing Brook Windebank. Later, when he valiantly steps in to prevent an unpleasant earl from claiming Calista as his wife, she fears that Brook is only being chivalrous and will never love her as she loves him. When there is a threat to Brook’s life, she is forced to pit her wits against his mercurial father, The Duke of Midchester.

Imitation of Love

When Catherine Willoughby's brother is killed, leaving Catherine and her younger sister, Alyssa, penniless and without a home, she wonders how they will survive.

Jimmy had been working with the dashing 'Captain' helping French aristocrats escape the guillotine, but it is the shallow dandy Xander Oakley who steps in to help the girls. As Catherine spends more time with him, she realises there is more to Oakley than meets the eye. But will he still want to help Catherine and Alyssa when he finds out the truth about a letter he received from Jimmy Willoughby?

As Catherine begins to fall for Oakley, everything is at stake and she finds herself pitched headlong into danger.

Midchester Memories

A collection of romantic intrigue novels set in the fictional village of Midchester

Bonfire Memories

When trendy 1960s director, Guy Sullivan, arrives in Midchester, he's determined that not even pretty young wannabe journalist Cara Baker will distract him from his aim. But as bodies start piling up in Midchester, Guy and Cara's lives become inextricably linked.

Mistletoe Mystery

Out of work actress, Philly, struggles to keep Bedlington Hall maintained. Along with her best friends, Puck and Meg, she has the idea of running murder mystery weekends to raise money. The weekends aren't going too well until Puck's sister, Rachel, gives them a slot on her local news station. Suddenly everyone wants to attend the Christmas murder mystery weekend, including gorgeous American, Matt Cassell. Philly adores his kisses, but can she trust him?

As everyone assembles under the mistletoe, shocking secrets are revealed...

The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past is a Dickensian murder mystery, featuring a cast of Dickensian characters, and set in Victorian Midchester during a Dickensian Christmas. When a man is murdered in bizarre circumstances, the villagers are enthralled. Even vicar’s daughter, Elizabeth Dearheart is fascinated, though whether with the details of the murder or the sudden appearance of the handsome Liam Doubleday she does not even want to admit to herself. But even Liam has his secrets.
An escaped mental patient; a crotchety titled Lady and her grudging step-daughter; two ghoulish sisters; a charming man and his beautiful sister; a kindly reverend; the new doctor and his wife, and two young boys eager to become sleuths. All are involved in the mystery that threatens to unearth secrets that someone in Midchester might just prefer to keep buried in the past.

True Love Ways

Midsomer Murders meets The Darling Buds of May, with the rock 'n' roll soundtrack of Heartbeat (but this being an ebook you can't actually hear the music so you'll just have to hum it yourself). Murder, sexy vicars, strawberry picking and Teddy Boys. It's got it all - plus some other bits.

It's 1959 and Meredith longs to be an amateur sleuth like her Aunty Peg. She gets her chance when an elderly ex-policeman is murdered on the train to Midchester. Which of the passengers in her carriage has a reason to silence the old man? She hopes it isn't handsome 'rock n roll' vicar, Drew Cunningham, who seems intent on staying by her side, as her self-appointed mentor. Should a vicar be capable of such devilish kisses? As Meredith learns the hard way that not everyone just blurts out their secrets to an amateur, she begins to fall in love. She also moves closer to the chilling truth; that true love can make devils out of us all.

True Love Ways is a gentle romance and murder mystery that can be read in one sitting, whilst you're enjoying the sunshine - unless you live in Britain, in which case, it's something you can read curled up in the house when it's raining yet again.

Our Day Will Come

It is 1944 and pub landlord's daughter, Betty Yeardley promised her childhook sweetheart, Eddie Simpson that she would wait for him. But Eddie has been missing for two years, presumed dead. Despite that, his mother and father keep reminding Betty of her promise. They step up the pressure when handsome American airman Ben Greenwood arrives in Midchester to recuperate at Bedlington Hall.

With a stocking stealer on the loose, making everyone fear that Midchester has a fifth columnist amongst them, tensions run high. At the same time Betty and Ben are thrown together when a teenage girl runs away with another American airman.

Betty begins to wonder if some promises are worth breaking. But given the reputation of the Americans stationed in Britain, can she trust Ben with her heart?

The Harcourt Saga

The Steps of the Priory

When 14 year old Rebecca Wilson and her friend, Jed, leave a baby boy on the steps of the Harcourt home, it has far-reaching ramifications for everyone involved.

Rebecca keeps her secret locked deep inside. What she does not know is that Charles Harcourt, the man she loves and eventually marries, has his own secret involving the baby. But will he forgive her when he finds out hers?

Jack Daventry, the son of Patricia Harcourt-Daventry, is a troubled child, made worse by his mother's histrionic behaviour. The only person he respects is his Uncle Charles. When Charles rejects him, after being told the real identify of Jack's mother, he is set on a course that will destroy not just his life, but the life of an innocent man.

Following the Harcourt family over a 31 year period, from 1917-1948, The Steps of the Priory is a romantic saga, dealing with themes of forgiveness and redemption.

The Steps of the Priory is the first novel of the Harcourt Saga. However, it is a stand alone novel and you don't need to read the whole series.

The 'Mrs Oakengate' novels

My True Companion

When her father is hanged as a spy, Millie Woodridge is left alone and friendless. She takes on the role of companion to the demanding ex-actress Mrs. Oakengate. Mrs. Oakengate ‘collects’ notorious people and thinks Millie will make a nice addition to her collection. At a weekend house party, Millie’s world is thrown into disarray by two things; the arrival of handsome adventurer, James Haxby, and the news that her father might have been framed. As Millie and Haxby combine forces to find out the truth, she begins to fall in love. But Could the swashbuckling spy ever be interested in mousy Millie?

My True Companion marks the first appearance of my stock character, Mrs. Oakengate. It is followed by A Collector of Hearts, which is also available on Kindle.

A Collector of Hearts

'It's 1936. Level-headed Caroline Conrad does not believe in ghosts, but even she is shaken when strange things start happening at a Halloween House Party. At Stony Grange Abbey, the atmosphere certainly unsettles her, but the presence of the handsome, albeit changeable, Blake Laurenson increases her sense of unease. Then Caroline finds herself fighting to clear her name. She's accused of stealing the priceless Cariastan Heart - has Blake framed her? And just who is the mysterious Prince Henri?'

Eye of the Storm - Mrs Oakengate has become Countess Chlomsky, and employs young Nadine Middleton to assist her with her memoirs whilst on a trip to Egypt. But Nadine has her own reason for being there, one of which involves dashing archaeologist Lancaster Smith.

Stand Alone Romantic Novels (these novels are not, as yet, part of any series though there may be vague links to my other novels)

Take My Breath Away

When Patty Carter’s first husband, hell-raiser Jason Carter, is murdered during the filming of the remake of Cleopatra, she becomes the prime suspect. Handsome Private Investigator Tony Marcus knows she’s hiding something, and that it’s linked to her young son, Jude. Still he finds himself drawn to the beautiful actress. But he has a rival in the form of hunky Australian actor, Matt Archer, who is playing Marc Antony to Patty’s Cleopatra.
With two Mark Antonys vying for her attention Patty needs all her wits about her to protect both herself and her young son from impending danger and from having their hearts broken by a man who cannot keep his promises.

2013 is the 50th anniversary of the renowned Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton classic, Cleopatra. Author Sally Quilford also celebrates her 50th year in 2013. This novel commemorates both.

Bella's Vineyard

'Bella Tennyson is a stranger in a strange land. She and her gambling addict brother have travelled to America to claim a vineyard left to them by their aunt, also called Bella. When Bella and Andrew are threatened by local big shot, Arthur Griffiths, it seems their only friends are the handsome part-Cherokee marshal, Vance Eagleson, and May Tucker, the loyal friend of their late aunt. As tensions rise in an unforgiving land, Bella and Vance fall in love...'

Anna's Return

Anna Silverton and Janek Dabrowski escape war torn Europe together, and in doing so forge a friendship that carries them through difficult times. Even when they are apart, Anna dreams of Janek coming for her so they can be a family. When she is accused of causing harm to her half-brother, Teddy, she runs away, finding Janek again. Their childhood friendship soon turns to a tentative love, but the vicious lies told about Anna once again forces them to part.

Midnight Train

When sexy and sassy older actress, Angela Cunningham takes the Midnight Train to Cariastan, she meets the gorgeous but mysterious Michael Fairfax. They are forced to share a cabin on the train, but soon they're sharing a very dangerous journey that threatens both their lives.

An adorable child, a bunch of bad guys and a bomb that could go off at any second add to a thrilling story.

The Secret of Helena's Bay

When Shelley Freeman travels to a remote Greek island to escape a broken romance, she becomes involved in an intrigue involving missing elderly men, Nazi plots and the handsome Paris Georgiadis. Previously published by My Weekly Pocket Novels, and also available in Large Print from Linford Romance.

A Place of Peace
When Nell goes to stay on the beautiful Barratt Island for three months, she hopes to escape the shame she left behind in England. She soon meets gorgeous police chief, Colm Barratt, and scheming socialite Julia Silkwood, whose husband seems to be failing quickly. With Nell's over-active imagination running riot, she fears she could lose Colm forever.

Crime, Science Fiction and Fantasy

His Brother's Keeper

When Rachel Cohen is sent to investigate the mysterious vigilante called The Sandman, she finds a man who insists that the small town of Angel Cove is due to be hit by an earthquake.

She does not know if he's insane, but there is something strange about Angel Cove and the fact that the townspeople seem as if they're waiting for something and have been for a very long time.

His Brother's Keeper is the first in a series of linked short novels featuring the brothers, Gabriel and Nicholas Henchard.

20,000 word novella

The NaNoWriMo Novels

(The following novels were written during the heady challenge that is NaNoWriMo!)

The Thirteenth Passenger

Written for NaNoWriMo 2010, The Thirteenth Passenger sees Sally Quilford in her element; writing science fiction.

Mars born space cowboy, Jack Deimos, is taking a cargo to Mars when he finds a pretty stowaway amongst the few passengers he agrees to carry in the cryo-chambers. Mara Athena wants to know why her father died on a previous trip to Mars and she intends to get the answer from Jack.

But Mara isn't the only stowaway on the spaceship Obama. There's a thirteenth passenger, and it's intent on killing everyone...

Mary Daniels' End Game

In the future, reality television has reached its horrifying conclusion, with condemned men forced to fight for their lives on a gory quiz show. The presenter is the stunning Mary Daniels, wife of an assassinated president.

As three men fight for their lives, truths are unearthed and the stakes of the game become even higher.


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