Midchester Memories and the Peg Bradbourne Mysteries

My fictional town of Midchester is set in Shropshire, mainly because that's where I was when I wrote the first novel in the series. Though you may notice that most of the characters talk with a Derbyshire accent. I've since tried to distance Midchester from Shropshire. Not because there's anything wrong with Shropshire, which is beautiful, but because I like the idea of Midchester being like any small town in England.

Unlike many crime/romantic intrigue stories, Midchester does not have just one sleuth, and is not set in one time period. The stories, so far, range from the Victorian era up to the 21st Century, and it's my hope to go way back to Midchester's Roman past one day. There is a different couple in each story and the crime generally brings them together.

However, I have now started writing novels about Peg Bradbourne, who appears as a secondary character in several of the novels, taking her back to her youth and charting the genesis of a spinster sleuth. Peg is the daughter of the couple from my first Midchester novel, The Ghost of Christmas Past, and as such is very special to me and to Midchester.

The books are listed here in chronological order, rather than in the order in which they were written.

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Now, all in one volume, all five Midchester Memories Novels:

The Ghost of Christmas Past (late 1800s)

Our Day Will Come (WW2)

True Love Ways (1950s)

Bonfire Memories (1960s but with flashbacks to 1940s)

Mistletoe Mystery (current day)

The Doctor's Daughter (1917 - the first Peg Bradbourne Mystery)

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