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Her Friend From the North

When Valentine meets a handsome man in the rain, it sets her off on the adventure of her lifetime.

(5000 word story)

With This Hand and Other Stories of Romance

A selection of romances by Sally Quilford. From the gentle romance of middle aged love, to wartime memories, to a battle for the soul of a baby, the stories in this collection encompass romance in all its forms.

Stories included are:

The Hungry Years
As Long As We Both Shall Live
At the Crossroads
Stop The World I Want To Get Off
With This Hand
Going To The Chapel Again
Darling Stefan
Getting Lost With Michael
The Association of Bit Part Players
The Fox
The Kitchenmaid Queen
The Seagull Café
The Soul Of The Raven

The Night of the Mange Tout and Other Stories
A selection of cosy, and not so cosy, crime stories by author Sally Quilford.

The collection includes some of Sally's contributions to the well-loved Dandy McLean series originally published in The Weekly News.

Stories included:

The Night of the Mange Tout
Lucky Number Seven
Father’s Day
The Man In The Mirror
The Greatest Show on Earth
The Man On The Grassy Knoll
From Holyrood with Love
The Second Banana
Dandy at the Double
Turkey, Tinsel and Murder
The Shadow of the Spire
Murder on the Fourth Floor
A Stranger in Your House
When The Mist Clears
Aunt Matilda and The White Rabbit
Mother’s Secret
Dandy and the Cold Case

The Donkey Driver's Wife and Other Stories
In this collection Sally Quilford is at her most thoughtful, with stories that are much darker than her usual fare. The title story, The Donkey Driver's Wife, charts the struggle faced by women during the 1980s miners' strikes. The award winning Boy, Girl and the Man, is a chilling tale told from a skewed perspective.

Stories featured:

Don’t Play On South Street
Mr Potato Head
Stevie not Steve
I Am A Rock
Poster Child
Boy, Girl And The Man
The Eye of a Needle
Maybe Tomorrow
The Day Before You Came
Down to my Last Cigarette
El-Cid The Rabbit-Mouse
Falling Through the Cracks
Rose and Mrs Higgins
The Donkey Driver’s Wife
The Silent Land

The Paper Garden and Other Stories

A collection of 12 speculative fiction and horror stories by Sally Quilford. Each story is perfect for reading in one sitting.

Includes award winning and previously published work alongside never before seen stories.

Keep Off The Grass
Karel lives in a future where the robots and machinary aren't as evil as SF stories would have us believe. They just do what they're programmed to do... Story came 2nd in The British Fantasy Society's Short Story comp.

When Rom inherits a computer from his friend, Data, he's thrilled. Even more so when he finds a new game. But the only way to win is to become the computer... Previously published in Thirteen magazine.

The Unknown Soldier
An armchair general plays with his tin soldiers in the attic. As he glorifies war, he soon finds that even he can't remain untouched by the bloodshed.

Then I Went Home For My Tea
George writes to the editor of the newspaper constantly, especially since the aliens landed. The letters detail his trials and tribulations, from missing out on his benefit payments to life under the yoke of the Martians.

Invitation to the Dance
When a doctor is asked to help the daughter of his late friend, he presumes she's insane. But his life and hers are more bound together than he realises. Previously published in Bridge House's Going Places collection

The Six Grandfathers
In a post-apocalyptic landscape, death is an every day occurrence. But when a fertile young woman dies, no one can ignore it.

The Window to the Soul
Valerie is determined to outdo Cissy in The Adult Toy Society (no, not those type of adult toys!) But is a working robot going just a little too far? Previously published by That's Life Fast Fiction

A Thousand and One Nights
When Darryl is injured in a drunken car crash, he finds himself in a hospital from which he cannot escape. Previously published in Bridge House's Scream anthology.

The Paper Garden
When Kitty is convicted of killing her two children, she is sent to prison and then to The Wilderness for a Biblical punishment. Whilst there, she finds powers she did not know she possessed. Meanwhile, on the outside, Anne Sullivan searches for answers and her own means of escape. Shortlisted in the Aeon award and commended in Dark Tales Competition and published in Dark Tales magazine.

The Tollbooth
The tollbooth across the river has been in the family for years, but the means taken to own it leave them cursed.

The All-Night Diner
A cannibal is on the loose in the village. As Paula hides in the diner, she thinks over the events that led her there.

The Piano Man
When yet another lover leaves Melody after she has given up everything for him, she finds solace in a club she never noticed before. Previously published in The Weekly News.

Valla's Secret

When a drunken priest disappears from the Vatican with long-hidden documents, the scene is set for a chase across Italy. Journalist Rachel Cohen and Mafia son, Vinny d'Este both want to find the priest, who holds a secret that could tear the Catholic Church apart.

Tomorrow's Child

Rachel and Vinnie meet again when two children go missing from an orphanage in Rome. But whose side is Vinnie on, and why is the Vatican so interested in these appealing young orphans?

The second in the Rachel Cohen Files series.

Time In A Bottle

"Time travel might be possible, but if that's the case, why haven't we been overrun by tourists from the future?"
Professor Stephen Hawking

Ebook features the first three stories in the Time In A Bottle Series: Time In A Bottle, Timeless and The Lost Boy.

Time In A Bottle
Grace Sullivan joins the tourists at the Time In A Bottle Institute to travel back to a fateful day when a movie star and a president died.

A young woman sits on death row. Can Grace travel back in time and find out the truth about the rock star murder the girl is due to die for?

The Lost Boy
Grace and Pringle meet again, as Grace learns more secrets from her past.

Previously published on Amazon Shorts.

Short Story Collections featuring other authors

"Tears and Laughter and Happy Ever After" is a vibrant and varied collection of tales from writers who between them have had hundreds of short stories published in women’s magazines in the UK and around the world! Contributors have also won or been placed in dozens of competitions, published novels and written non-fiction for many UK magazines.

As the title suggests, the twenty-six stories encompass the dizzying heights of happiness, the heartbreaking depths of sadness, and every emotion in between. Within the pages of this book you’ll meet a housewife with a surprising secret, a beekeeper with a problem and an undertaker with something unusual on his mind. You’ll also encounter angels, ghosts, aliens and many other intriguing characters. And, in the end, you may just find the path to happy ever after.

“This anthology has something for everyone. It’s a delight.
I only wish I was in it!”
Della Galton

“Like diving into a big box of Quality Street” Kate Long

Diamonds and Pearls

A sparkling collection of short stories by many of the UK's best known magazine writers.

Read any women’s magazine and the names in this book are bound to be there. Women connected by fiction and their love of words who have joined together to support the awareness and treatment of breast cancer by the way they know best – the short story.

The book has been compiled by author Elaine Everest to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her survival from breast cancer.

Diamonds and Pearls includes stories by

Penny Alexandra

Teresa Ashby

Linda Barrett

Kelly Rose Bradford

Francesca Burgess

Catherine Burrows

June Crowe

Elaine Everest

Kelly Florentia

Della Galton

Lynne Hackles

Vivien Hampshire

Sue Houghton

Dawn Hudd

Vanda Inman

Angela Johnson

Caroline Jones

Sophie King

Linda Lewis

Lisa Main

Kath McGurl

Sue Moorcroft

Sally Quilford

Geraldine Ryan

Gerry Savill

Glynis Scrivens

Jill Steeples

Ginny Swart

Katharine Swartz

Fran Tracey

Christine Webb

Jane Wenham-Jones

Ann West

Paula Williams

A donation from the sale of each book will go to the Against Breast Cancer charity Registered charity no 1121258

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