My Large Print Books

My Large Print books are sold by Ulverscroft and appear in libraries in Britain and throughout the commonwealth.

If you are interested in being published in large print, first you have to sell to another publisher, for example DC Thomson pocket novels (either with My Weekly or People's Friend). Once you have done that, you can sell novels direct to Ulverscroft for their Linford Romance Library or Saga or Crime. Then your novels appear in libraries and you can claim Public Lending Rights.

All my large print books are available on Amazon Kindle or as softback books from Ulverscroft from around £8.99 per novel.

They are, in no particular order:

Linford Romance Library
The Secret of Helena's Bay
Bella's Vineyard
A Collector of Hearts
My True Companion
An Imitation of Love
Sunlit Secrets
Mistletoe Mystery (Midchester Memories)
Our Day Will Come (Midchester Memories)
Bonfire Memories (Midchester Memories)
Midnight Train
Take My Breath Away
The Ghost of Christmas Past (Midchester Memories)
True Love Ways (Midchester Memories)
Anna's Return
Loving Protector
The Last Dance (Bobbie Blandford Book 1)
The Future Mrs Winter
A Place of Peace
Runaway (Bobbie Blandford Book 2)

Linford Crime Library
The Doctor's Daughter (Peg Bradbourne Mystery)

Ulverscroft Saga
The Steps of the Priory (The Harcourt Saga)

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  1. Hi Sally,

    I once attended one of your enjoyable workshops and during that you mentioned that published books can be then submitted to 'large print' publishers.

    I can see the name Ulverscroft, but am not sure how to go about selling my novel, Cheers for Susie (27th Aug, 2017), to them.

    Can you give me some pointers please.

    Thank you.

    Appreciative regards,


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